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promotional code

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I want to know if i am eligible for a promotional code so that i can start my small business .Also if yes how do i apply for it and how does it works .


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Re: promotional code

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Hello Farid H, Welcome to the Community


I write to you as another AdWords user, just like you :


Depending on your country, there can be free coupons already available for all new advertisers if you dial the address of your google domain followed by /adwords/coupons


For example for the country Ireland if you look at this page


you can see the conditions for getting a new coupon. All Google vouchers now have a condition to pay something before you get the bonus, also the account has to be a new one, no older than 14 days. You cannot use a coupon from another country, they are linked to the location.


You can also get in touch with your local Google office if there is one in your country by using the phone from this link :