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I redeemed a promotion but don't see the amount reflected in my billing information. I did recieve an e mail verifying that the promotion had been redeemed.

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September 2015

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HI candicegarrun


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You won't actually see it on your account immediately after redeeming the code (I've recently redeemed a code on a new account myself and there was no notification of it) However, the good news is, as soon as the account had reached the spend criteria of £25.00, I received an email saying that the free credit had been activated on the account, and when i checked my billing tab I could see that it had been credited too.


I'm adding some promo code information, as there is specific criteria to using codes, such as one per customer, new account, time sensitivity etc. Please have a look as I'm sure you will find them useful-


Using promo codes

Fix a promo code issue


I hope this helps


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