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payment problems

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Apparently I'm not the only one having problems to get money transferred into my Google Ads account. Having transferred NZD 100 on the 7th of January, which never arrived. The bank confirmed that the transfer went through. Asking Google support did not help at all, even after having supplied them a couple of payment proofs, I got always the same answer: "Our specialists are working on your case on priority and will get to the bottom of this issue" - a 'one' button answer... pretty obvious from India, not even able to answer easy questions, like which is the correct bank account number in NZ to be used. Google is apparently so flooded with payments, that they are no more able to handle them. So what are my options? Say goodbye to Google Ads or try it another time, with the option to dig the money again? I run a business and do not feel comfortable in spending money for nothing...Smiley Frustrated

Re: payment problems

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Community Manager

Hi there,

I've escalated your issue to a biling specialist. You should hear an update soon.

Thanks for your patience while you wait,