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miniumum daily budget

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What is the minimum daily budget please, and if I pause the ads for a few days, do I still have to spend the minimum.

Last time i ran adwords, google earned more than I did!, but it seems there is no choice now that the google shopping has to be paid for ads. Can anyone advise please. THanks

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Re: miniumum daily budget

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Hello ladya00,


Welcome to the community.


There is no minimum daily budget for AdWords and if you pause your ads then no costs will be accrued during this period. 

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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September 2015

Re: miniumum daily budget

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Hi ladya00, and welcome to the forum.  Further to Scott's reply on your specific question, can I just add some "peripheral" thoughts?


Unless used specifically as a brand awareness campaign, Google Adwords should never mean a loss to the account holder.  If the program runs at a loss, i.e. the cost of Adwords is greater than the Net Profit, then there are two main options:


  1. Attempt to reduce costs/increase profits (often a case of decreasing CPC and increasing conversions (sales))
  2. Stop using Adwords.

If you have done absolutely everything you can do to make your account the best it can be and you are still suffering a Net loss then it's entirely possible Adwords won't work for you.  Adwords doesn't work for everyone - I've had clients myself where I've had to advise they stop using the program - the costs simply couldn't be balanced by very low returns.


So, please do think about your situation.  If you find you are still making a loss then try to work out if that can be changed.  If it can't (and you may need to spend some time checking this) then stop.



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