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is advertising free

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Do I have to pay in order to create an Ad here? And do you I have to own money account in order to be able to create an ad? What this ad will give me ?

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Re: is advertising free

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Hi Nariman T

Welcome to the community.

Advertising is not free in adwords. You will be charged per click or on the basis of impressions of your ads.

Aritra Mukherjee

Re: is advertising free

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Good morning.


To confirm, no, advertising is not free.


You do not have to pay to create an ad, but if you create an ad campaign and activate it, the clicks on your ad(s) will accumulate a cost that you have to pay.


Yes, you do have to have a credit card or bank account or some other valid method to pay for your ads.


What you might get from your advertising depends on what you are trying to sell/offer. I would suggest that you read at least the introductory material in the AdWords Help center for a better understanding of the program. 

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