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i have tried renable the form of payment quite 5 times

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Since last 2-3 days i have renable the form of payment more than 5times but still my ads are not running .
also i am not satisfied with answers from google adwords team at al ?
why this happening again again??
Need quick support
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Re: i have tried renable the form of payment quite 5 times

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Gaurav,


Thanks for posting to the forum. Your question is a little vauge and billling payments, etc vary by country. 


First, I would try to clear your cache and cookies and enter in the payment again.

Second, have a look at these instructions for what you are trying to accomplish.  


Also, remember that it could take 24 hours for our system to process. 


If you are still having issues after all of this, please let me know and we can try something else.