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how to stop being charged once my voucher runs out?

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what is the best procedure to stop being charged once my voucher runs out, i assume it would be to just delete my campaign, how long does it take to stop the adverts once i have deleted my campaign??


I ran a similar advert on facebook using a voucher and it proved very expensive because i didnt read the small print that states that even when i delete my ad campaign, it can take up to 7 days for the ad to actually stop running and that i will still be charged for clicks during this peroid, not happy, its cost me an extra £100 approx and i dont have and i dont want to end up in the same boat with google....

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Re: how to stop being charged once my voucher runs out?

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There is no way to be 100% certain what has been spent so far in an active campaign since data is not posted to your account in "real time."


If your primary goal is not spending your own money, I would suggest you shut your campaign down now.


There's no real benefit to trying to "spend" the voucher--it's meant to give long-term advertisers a little "boost" to their spending as they start optimizing. It's highly unlikely to be enough to produce much in the way of profitable returns by itself. (Just my opinion. )

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Re: how to stop being charged once my voucher runs out?

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Hi Theresa thank you for your input, pretty shocking that in these times of high speed networks and massive multicore servers, the data cannot be served to me in real time, yet facebook and google can serve real time results in other areas of information technology, especially if a customer is partly paying for the viewing of such data, there is not much balance left on my google adwrods voucher at present so i will take upon your advice and quit the campaign today.


As for Facebook ads, in my facebook ad manager, i was able to see how many clicks and impressions my advert recieved, with over a million impressions, and just 646 clicks, it was a complete fail for me, and out of the 646 clicks?? I see absolutely no evidence of this traffic in my website statisics yet my Google Adwords clicks can all be accounted for, I investigated this and found some pretty damning articles with regards to Facebook using bots to drive up clicks making the campaign cost more to the website owner with useless traffic that will have no profitable return. out of all the articles i read, none of the website owners could find the origins of these bots. I smell a rat....