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how to put money on my account

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i received a promotion code ,spend $25 and have $100 worth of credit,but i cant seem to find where to click and make the payment

Re: how to put money on my account

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HI chewaglobal1


Here is a page with instructions on what to do to get your account credited and promo code registered-


Using promo codes (coupons)


Also there are rules that apply to using promo codes so please read all of the article as these are discussed too. Here are some other pages related to promo codes that you may wish to read-


Promo code

Fix a promotional code issue


I hope the information helps you Smiley Happy


Best Regards

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September 2015

Re: how to put money on my account

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Hey Chewaglobal


Hope you are doing well. It seems you have recieved a "first pay then use" Promo code from Google. What it also means is that you have to have adwords activity worth $25 to be eligible for using the promo code received by you.


The way you pay google depends upon your payment settings ie. Prepay or Postpay.


# If you are using Prepay then you can credit money in the adwords account by visiting the "Billings Tab". Notice that the page which opens would have a "Make Payment" option which you can follow to complete the payment from the "forms of payment" available.


NOTE- Keep in mind that you will not be eligible to redeem the code till you actually spend atleast $25 and thus you will have to run your ads and accomplish a target of $25 in spend.


# If you using Postpay then just keep a check on your spend. Once it reaches $25 you can redeem your code. ( I am not getting into the workings of Postpay as of now)


To redeem your code you can again visit the Billings Tab and notice the "More Actions" Drop Down just besides the "Make Payment" Tab. ( Though I never understood why it can't be just a "apply promo code" button and not a drop down having just one option!!)