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how to i use my discount code?

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i received a discount code when i opened my store on shopify but i dont know how to use it, i set up a add campaign but as i was about to confirm the order it doesn't clearly explain if it had accepted the code or if i had put the code in the right place. let me know if you can help

Re: how to i use my discount code?

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To use your Promotional Code simply log in to your AdWords account. Once you have logged in click on the gear icon then billing. Within the 'how you pay' section you will find enter/manage promotional code you need to add your promotional code here. 


Please note you will first have to meet the requirements of the coupon for example:


spend $25 within 30 days receive $75. (This is the most common type of promotion.)


So meet the requirements and it will automatically apply to your account as long as you have entered it correctly and it is valid. 


For more information please visit this link:


Hope this helps.