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how do you stop adwords

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Re: how do you stop adwords

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Badged Google Partner

You can easily start or stop your campaigns from the Campaigns tab. Select the checkboxes next to the campaigns you'd like to start or stop, then use the Edit menu to enable, pause, or remove them.

I have shared below the steps

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Select the Campaigns view at the top, then select the Campaigns tab and click All campaigns from the menu on the left.
    • (Optional) To change the status of a video campaign, choose All video campaigns from the side navigation.
  3. Look at the "Status" column to see the current state of your campaigns.
  4. Select the checkbox beside a campaign to select it, or select all campaigns by checking the box at the top next to the "Campaign" column header.
  5. Click the Edit drop-down menu above your campaigns to select Enable (restart), Pause (put on hold), or Remove (stop and remove from your list).