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how billing works if I sheduled an ad

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I scheduled my ad for 30 days. Since my monthly budget is $500 how will be the billing procedure? Should I pay the bill of 500 at first? How the billing procedure works?

Re: how billing works if I sheduled an ad

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You can read here about the payment options :


I would advise to use pre-pay option, and pay once a month, if in month1 you don't spend the entire amount, you can pay less in the month2.


Also you can't switch from pre-pay to post-pay :


Just quoting 



Switch between prepay and postpay options

If you really need to switch between a prepay option and a postpay option, the only way to do so is to close your current AdWords account and create a new one"



 When you cancel your account you can ask for a refund for the remaining unused amount.


Re: how billing works if I sheduled an ad

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Hello Anne, 


This is a page from the google help section explaining how the daily budget can be sometimes 20% higher than your decided limit, but it will compensate with other days when you will have a lower expense during a month :


Just quoting :



You set a daily budget of $5. You can exceed this budget by 20% on any given day, so you can spend a maximum of $6. However, you'll never exceed your daily budget times the number of days in the month (average of 30.4). So, you'll never exceed ($5 *30.4 = $152) in a month."