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I am new to AdWords. I have an ad running and have a TINY budget. I want to run ads monthly but set a limit for how much I spend. I can not find where I can do that. I know I can set a daily budget but I would rather, for example, put $25 in and let my ad run until its gone for the month then do it again next month. Is that possible?

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You can only set the budget on a daily basis... however, you can manually switch the campaigns on and off - so put $25 a day - and once you reach that level pause all campaigns - to take them live again next month - if this is what you want to do.


Don't fall into the trap that so many people do - of taking a small budget of $50 and then setting your campaign to spend $1.60 a day.... not only will you only get a few (possibly 1 or none depending upon your industry) but you might only be eligible for clicks on the third page of search results.... you will not then be able to extrapolate anything of use from your data....


... and you'll be back here saying tha Adwords deosn't work on a few days!

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Re: embed turned on - off

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Hi Barbara,


AdWords used daily budgets because user behavior changes and Google will try to get you the most out of your budget by managing that daily spend for you.


You can accomplish your goal by setting your daily budget at 25/30.4 = approx 82 cents per day.  This should equate to about $25 per month.


What you should also understand is that Google may spend upwards of 20% more than your budget on any given day.


You can read more here:


If you still have questions, please feel free to respond.


Hope this helps!



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