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1.9K members online now
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disabled account message

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Hi all,

Need to find out why I am getting the message below: 

'Your account isn't active - Your ads aren't running because we've disabled your account. Contact us'

I have not received any email as to why my account is not active, though I have only been added as admin to this account for 24 hours and need to run some ads as soon as possible for the company I am working at. Is there a way to find out why the account is currently disabled, and what is the process to reactivate this? It is after business hours and I can't contact anyone via phone but was wondering if I can get some assistance over the weekend. 

Credit card information is all in order and our business has not broken any ad policies (we had previously run campaigns and have no unpaid balances either). 

Please advise 

Re: disabled account message

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Hi Nicholas,

More info on suspended accounts in the link below:

Why accounts get suspended

Your account can get suspended because it broke the rules or because it appears to be connected with another account that broke the rules.

Here are some examples:

You repeatedly violated our policies.
You violated our policies in a big way and put our users at risk.
You didn't successfully submit payment for your advertising costs.
Your account appears to be strongly related to an already suspended account.

We suspend AdWords accounts to better protect our users from behavior that causes poor, or even harmful, experiences. We want everyone to have a safe and positive user experience with Google ads.

What you can do

Some violations are so serious that we may decide that we can never accept advertising from you. However, for some other issues, there are different steps you can take depending on the type of issue that caused the suspension:

Please review the link above for more info.