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credit card issue

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i used once the credit card of my friend from uk. lateron his bank charged back the payment of 47.88 US$. now my account is suspended and even i can't pay the charged back amount through my credit card. i'm writing to google lot of times that is their any solution of the issue that i can pay the amount and my account will start working.

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Re: credit card issue

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi there, 


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. You might want to try out a different method of payment to try and clear the money owed from your account, which might help get the ads running again. 


If the issue is with not being able to make the payment in the account, you might want to try clearing your cache and cookies, then try again. 


If you're having an issue with your credit card you might want to try calling your bank to see if there are any issues on that side of things. 


Hope this helps.