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2.5K members online now
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credit card approval

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only visa and master card,credit cards are approved in adword

Re: credit card approval

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Hello ejin, 


Welcome to adwords community, 

If you select a prepay option, you'll pay for advertising in advance of receiving any clicks or impressions. You can add funds to your AdWords account whenever you like, and we'll deduct costs from that balance. Google will  notify you when your balance is running low. If you do run out of funds, your ads will stop showing until you make another payment.

Google offers two widely available types of prepay:

I. Credit and debit card: If you choose this option, Google will charge your credit or debit card in the amount that you specify, and your account balance will update almost immediately. 

II. Bank transfer: If you choose this option, you'll make AdWords payments by transferring funds from your bank account to Google's bank account. Your ads will typically begin running as soon as we receive and process your payment. This typically takes 5 to 10 business days, depending on your country and what bank you use.


Hope it helps you,