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coupon not shown as entered and not honored

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Hello I hope someone from Google would be decent enough to help me with this issue. I recently was sent an email with a coupon from Google for the $100.00 rebate after spending $25.00 and they asked me why I initiated my campaign and then let months go by without using it. The coupon was to lure me into restarting my campaign. I explained to them it was from reading that article going around from an ex employee accusing the adwords dept of illegal misconduct and I do not have money to waste and that i had doubt as to the coupon being of real value. I then sent an email back which thanked LUCY, the sender for sending me the coupon and told her I was applying the coupon and would give them a try but that I was still worried about the validity of the coupon really being valuable. I entered the coupon and it said active and then ran the campaign and then I had a cpu crash for 4 days and when back online saw a notice for a bill for $50.00 and that my account was being shut down for non payment. I put exactly $25.00 in the account I used just to see if they would try to take out more because I've read how they will add on fees and have some excuse. So it did not accept the $50.00 charge. I then went to adwords and reentered the coupon again and it again said active but no difference in balance so I contacted Stephanie at Google and she was cocky and arrogant and said she sees that I just entered the coupon and if I wish to pay my balance plus the first $25.00 of this campaign then it will be honored. I am not trying to run up a bill and then go find a coupon to use against the balance. I was sent the coupon by Google and entered the coupon which said it was active and because I reentered the coupon the second time because I wanted to make sure they remembered I had the coupon, they said they only see the second entry into the system and can only proceed from that date. I am furious! Anybody that is intelligent can see that I had the coupon and I would not have continued with the sitting campaign had I not gotten it and I know how to read when the card says active. It makes no sense that they won't credit my $25.00  and take my $25.00 payment and give me the remaining $75.00. Isnt there a way to check the keystrokes from the history of being on adwords to see I entered it? Even if there was an entering mistake, which there wasn't, they see I had the coupon and the coupon was the reason I was going to spend $25.00 and they won't be decent enough to fix the error. A company as rich as Google cares that little about customer satisfaction and service and yet this is their biggest reason why they say they suspen so many accounts because they are so worried about customer quality. I really do not want to have to have an outstanding Google balance which wont get paid because it is not fair which will allow them to lose a payment and a future adwords user when common sense and decency could easily be applied here at no cost to them other than knowing they are helping someone and correcting an error in the system .

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Re: coupon not shown as entered and not honored

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Hi William F, 


It sounds like you are having issues with a promotional code. I can see you have already contact the AdWords support team, which is the best course of action for an issue such as this. Community Managers do not have access to your AdWords account, so without the specific details of your billing history and account set up it's going to be hard for me to advise on this account-specific issue. 


That being said, here is a bit of background on Promotional Codes: it's very important to read all of the Terms and Conditions when you receive a promotional coupon to ensure that you go about the correct way of redeeming it. There are many different types of promotional codes, but it sounds like you received a code for new advertisers to "Turn $25 into $100". Generally (again, I have not seen your coupon, so it could be different), you need to apply the code to your account (in the Billing section) and accrue $25 worth of clicks within a specific time frame (code dependant) before the incentive amount will be applied to your account. You also need to have a valid form of payment in the account, and be conscious of your daily budget (and having a daily budget that you are comfortable with is the most important setting in your campaigns to ensure you are controlling your spend). 


Any time you are unsure of anything to do with your account - especially your Billing settings, it is a good idea to reach out to the AdWords Support team to seek clarification. 


It sounds like you have already been speaking to the AdWords team, and my suggestion would be to get back in touch with them to remedy this issue as they can access your account, and the details pertaining to this issue. 



Re: coupon not shown as entered and not honored

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Thanks for the help. Yes I followed the proper procedure, but the issue is that when I initiated the campaign I entered the coupon. It gave the message at the top of the screen showing it was active. My computer was down for about 5 days and when entering my account for the first time in 5 days, I saw a $50.00 balance which I was wondering why and why I was getting a message saying m y account was being suspended for non payment . I had the amount in the account which was to be taken out which was $25.00. I put only $25.00 in because I wanted to see if they would try to charge me extra because I have read many posts which complain about extra and overcharging occurring so I wanted to make sure just what was agreed upon would be taken out.


I looked through my billing and no longer saw my coupon credit anywhere(not sure if it shows anywhere after its been activated other than the initial message given upon activation) so I went back to my email and recopied the code and re entered the code again thinking that maybe the system had forgot I had entered the coupon and so it would then give me the $25.00 credit so I would only be paying $25.00 of the $50.00 and again it said active but still did not see it being figured into the balance so I contacted support who stated that this was the first time I had entered the coupon in and I could only get the credit once spending another $25.00 plus the $50.00 which angered me because I know I entered the coupon correctly to begin with and received the active message and either the system is in error and did not show correctly the first date of my entering it or the support lady did not wish to acknowledge it do to the fact that they were not able to take out more than the agreed upon $25.00 and maybe she felt she was just dealing with someone with insufficient funds who was attempting to get over by now applying a coupon to attempt to weasel my way out of my balance so she was less than willing to work with me to reasonably remedy the issue. It is just unfortunate that a company as large as Google doesn't have a more customer friendly team willing to take a closer look with common sense and logic instead of following their unfair textbook procedures.


Anyone could see I thanked the woman for the coupon the day I restarted my campaign and that I was already questioning its validity, if they reread my emails and even if I did enter it wrong(which I know I didn't unless the system gives active notices for incorrect number entering)they can see the reason I am continuing with my campaign which I ditched after first being approved for it, was do to the lawsuit issue against Google that worried me so it is for this coupon alone that I continued and I have common sense and can read when a coupon tells me active so they knew I had a $100.00 coupon in my possession so even if it was a mistake (WHICH IT WASN'T ON MY BEHALF), have some compassion and apply the coupon as it would have been done if the system processed it properly and take my $25.00 and give me the balance of my coupon after the other $25.00 is taken out so we can move onward and continue business.


To be so petty as this really infuriates me and will just result in my account being terminated with an outstanding bill that Google will not receive and I could care less about credit. So the injustice being done by the system do to the computer system at Google not showing the first entry has cost a happy customer and a loss of funds for the bill and future bills. The trend in online marketing is moving away from Google DO TO MANY UNFAIR CANCELLATIONS, STRICTER UPDATES AND UNFAIR POLICIES as it is and many other options are available as Bing/Yahoo/Microsoft grow,reddit, Facebook and a slew of others and once the news gets around about Googles adwords dept. antics and illegal account handling it will be a quick run for the doors so Google should appreciate the ones that still give them a shot. How hard would it actually be for someone to view the issue here and look at my emails and see my account notes and say, " You know what, I can see he had a coupon and whether entered correctly or not had the intention of using it and that would have made his balance $25.00 with a $75.00 credit so lets go ahead and honor the coupon and keep a happy customer who in know way was attempting to get over on or scam the system.


I did not run up a balance unknowingly that I couldn't pay for and then go scrambling looking for a coupon to knock down the balance and then lie and say ,"Oh I already had and entered that coupon and um, gee I don't know why its not showing? I clearly from day 1 had and used that coupon and thanked Lucy for sending it so it is extremely unfortunate to have things go this way and after just burying my father recently I am barely able to even mentally deal with any of this and its all very disheartening for sure. Thanks for taking the time to reply and I hope you have a great day and weekend.
- Douglas