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client access rights

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I have a client who is running an AdWords campaign through an agency. The client has asked for access to their account so they can see the budget and how it's being spent. The Agency has refused access to the account. A seacrh for the keywords and phrases doesn't show any Ad campaigns. The client pays a monthly fee, and paymenst are up to date.


Given that the client is paying for the service, do they have any rights to access?

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Re: client access rights

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Badged Google Partner
Yes, IMO.
Why anyone would ever do business with an agency like that is absolutely beyond me, unfortunately it's all too common.
BUT - According to the "third party policy", they may only be required to provide limited monthly reporting, not necessarily account acces:

If they are a "third party partner" (?) you can file a complaint:


Re: client access rights

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Well... Though I agree with @tomhalejr I have seen agencies,  that  follow this practice; (not that I advocate it...)_

Now, the question whose account is it, goes down to the question who accepted  the terms of service.


The user whose email was used to open  the account, and accepted  (i.e. clicked on) the terms of service -  is the account owner.

(Some / many) advertisers are not aware of that, and let the agency open the account on their behalf. - One should not be surprised  at  the possible consequences.... Smiley Surprised

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