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can't find my ID or email

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I have tried and tried to find a way to contact ADwords to make them stop payments but so far I have not been able to even find a phone number that does not ask for the ADwords ID.


I do not have my adwords ID or the email/login.

I find it every unprofessional that there's nowhere I can get in touch with a real person so he/she can stop the payments.  I pay for something I do not want any longer without having the option to stop the payments (unless I change my card).

I have the order number from my bank statements and that should be enough for Adwords to find the transactions and stop them.

So please get in touch with me and forward me to a real person thanks.




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September 2015

Re: can't find my ID or email

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Hi Kristian,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!  Sorry to hear of your troubles.  Unfortunately without an AdWords CID or a username and password it's very difficult to stop an AdWords Account.  Below are some details that can hopefully help you.


If you don't have have your user name/password and AdWords CID, the links below should help you.


Fix Sign-In Issues

AdWords Lost Log-in Info


Once you have this information, you can log in to your AdWords and cancel your AdWords Account or just pause all your AdWords Campaigns, which will stop you from being charged.


Finally, if someone else at your company set this up, other another entity, it might help to contact them and request them to stop running the AdWords Ads.

Re: can't find my ID or email

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Your suggestions is of no help at all as I stated in my first message. I do not remember the email, password/user and ID. So please no standard answer thanks!

I need to talk to a physical person on the phone who have the authority to cancel billings.

Sorry but I have never seen a more unprofessional service than yours. I bet you make lots of money on people because it's way too complicated to stop your billings.

If you do not forward me to a real physical person I see no other way than to change my credit card.

Re: can't find my ID or email

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Using this link, I lost my login info, you can enter in your website, sample Keywords, and your Credit Card. I'd imagine that you have access to all this information.  If it asks for an AdWords CID, just type in: "don't know," or ten zeros.


Re: can't find my ID or email

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I do not have any info regarding website, sample Keywords etc. as I never signed up to adwords. That's the whole point! I only signed up to Google Drive a long time ago and deleted that account plus the email address. If I knew the email address etc. I would not sit here and type now Smiley Wink

Point is Google Adwords is taking money out of my credit card for a service I never signed up for! And I want it to stop and I want my money back.

I am looking into engaging a Lawyer now as there seem to be absolutely no interest from Googles side to fix this issue (or the many other people's striking similar issues as I have read in these forums)! All I read is petty excuses from a hired staff I suspect is being ordered to write bull and rosey lollipop excuses until people give up. Easy money made Smiley Wink

A company that draw money for a service never ordered from peoples cards and can't even provide a simple customer phone number is hiding something from the public!