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1.5K members online now
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can not sign on, lost PW

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I called Ad Words for my password, they told me they can not give it to me. They also told me I did not migrate so I have problems.  I follow all the steps in password recovery and can not get my password. The SMS message goes to a landline so it doesn't work and the questions I guess I am not getting right.  I give them my account number, answer questions only I would know as in last bill and last 4 od charge card and they still won't give me my password.  They then refer me to Goodle Apps. Today I spent and wasted my time and the techs for 2.25 hours, yes that long and he tried everything but couldn't help me.  Why he spent so long I have no idea but we went around in circles.  Is there any help and resonaing at Ad Words?  The ship me to Apps and Apps can't help.  ANy help would ne great. I can not remember my last sign on in Ad Wrods. It used to have it's own password and my user name was my commercial g mail account which I pay for and it doesn't end in gmail.  HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP  Smiley Frustrated

Re: can not sign on, lost PW

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi pokermike,


If you called AdWords phone support and could not get much help, there is not much anyone on this Community can do.

Passwords are personal and involve security and privacy issues and need thorough verification to reset. 


Good luck,