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can i use my credit card in two differnt adword acount

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can i use my credit card in two different adword account ??

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Re: can i use my credit card in two differnt adword acount

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This is certainly acceptable when agencies manage accounts and pay on behalf of the client.

It should be OK if the two accounts are for completely different businesses, that do not bid on the same keywords. or sell the same products.

I would expect that using the same credit card would raise a red flag, so expect extra scrutiny from Google - generally speaking they only want you to have one account.

Re: can i use my credit card in two differnt adword acount

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Could you please tell me the policy of using two accounts on one credit card? As we do not want to risk violating the AdWords rules.

Re: can i use my credit card in two differnt adword acount

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Hi Syed,


Yes, You can use same credit card number with two different AdWords account. I have already experienced with my client that he was using same credit card with his two different AdWords account. But both billing address was same because both AdWords account was his (two different Institute - Management & Fashion reated).




you can also use that card in MCC account and create two account within the MCC and billed those two adwords account with your MCC account.

If you will use MCC then you can use Manager Defined Spend (MDS) to control managed accounts' budgets.


Manager Defined Spend (MDS) is a simple way for My Client Center (MCC) account-users to control their managed accounts' budgets. If you decide to move some or all of your managed accounts to MDS, you'll be able to create and modify these accounts' budgets instantaneously via your MCC dashboard. Additionally, you'll be billed for these accounts via one Manager Order-level monthly invoice.


For more info visit what is MDS?


Or You can also contact with AdWords Support here


I hope this will help you.



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Re: can i use my credit card in two differnt adword acount

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Hello there;

There is no Policy violation in using the same CC for different account; There are several issues to note, though:
The account MUST be running campaigns targeting different audiences, promoting and  different products;
Once one of these accounts is suspended, all other accounts will also be suspended.
So, the correct method is setting all the accounts you manage under an MCC, using the clients's CC, otherwise, If there  were an issue with the CC, all accounts using this CC would be at risk.


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