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can I reopen my account

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reopen my account please 

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September 2015

Re: can I reopen my account

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Hi hatoomi2004,


Welcome to the community


Do you want to reactivate your adword account or some other account?

If  you reactivate your adword account then you may follow the process:


  • sign in to your adword account that you have cancelled earlier 
  • click on the campaign tab
  • a message box will appear at the top of the page explaning your account status
  • click on the "click here" option which is mentioned at the end of the message
  • put your update and billing information and send the request 

Thats all.your account will be reactivated within a short span of time.


Hope this will help

Don't forget to reply  if your are facing any other problem in the reactivation process.



can I reopen my account

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My billing account reopening issue: i can't see the button "reopen" like other billing account. when i click on the billing account and payment overview i saw "

You've got a payment due. Make a payment towards your overdue account balance." but when i click on the pay now button and "The amount due is out of date. If you've made a payment recently, please give your balance a few minutes to refresh, and try again."
Can't resolve it, please help.