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billing verification - account suspended

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Hi I got an account where client has added 2 credit card with billing addrss of south africa and usa.
His billing adress is of south africa and also that of primary card.
The backup card billing is in usa and last time he makes payment by backup card and account got suspended with reason billing information can not be verified.
I have tried to call adwords team and explain everythng but got the same response that we have violated some billing policy but they are not providing actual reason so that it can be corrected or client can provide any supporting document.

Any help?
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September 2015

Re: billing verification - account suspended

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I understand your frustration. However, billing /payment issues are account specifics. Since we do not have access to the account, we cannot help with that.

The only solution is to contact your local Google customer service, or to email them using the link provided in the suspension email.

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Re: billing verification - account suspended

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Hi, I have the same problem my account were suspended and we do not get any reason why the account is suspended.

Also, it is not possible to contact them by phone.


If I could speak on the phone with someone to explain and clarify the situation. I would like to meet all terms and conditions.

My activity and income is through Adwords and I'm really concern about it. Please someone help, this is important.