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billing plz help

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will i have to pay the money because if i do that will be unfair my daliy buget is 89p

 my video on adword got lots of views and they have raised my daliy buget from 89p to 299 what do i do?


Re: billing plz help

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Hi there,

Whatever amount you set your daily budget for, that's the amount you're telling the system you're okay with spending in a day. So that's the amount you'd be responsible for paying.

The system won't change your budget for you, though. That's something you have to change. So it shouldn't have raised it to 299. I'm wondering if served cost was 299 but you we only charged you 89 (this kind of overdelivery is fairly common, in my experience, with AdWords for Video).

To check this, actually click on your Billing tab. There you can make sure that the cost we charged you is the budget you'd set.