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billing issue

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i have an adword account and once i used the credit card of my friend because at that time i was out of country and couldn't use mine one. His bank charged back the amount.

Google has suspended my account.

now i want to pay the amount of charge back from my card and i can't pay because system is always showing that we can't accept payments from you now.

I don't know how to solve the issue because i want to run my ads but google specialists always reply the formal email that either we are working on it or google has right to not inform the reason of suspension of account.

i want to pay money but i don't know how. I wrote about 10 times to google support but always the same response.


Please help if somebody knows that how to solve the issue with google.

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Re: billing issue

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi there, 


This sounds like a similar query to this thread here. If your account has been suspended though and the specialists have reviewed the account and made their final decision, I'm afraid there might not be anything that can be done to re-activate the account.