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billing information

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hello sir,

i just lounch my add on google adword before two days.i sat my daily budget is £5 and i chacked my bank statement but google adword did not take mony from my account.may i know is this a pre paid billing or post paid

and one thing more i nee to know during the day my add is disappear in my targeted area may i know is this happen because my daily budget is finish and one thing more i need to know that if some one click to my add then can i see in my account straight away.


syed shah 

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Re: billing information

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Hi Syed,


Ok These answers might help you.


Question 1 - How to check the payment method 


you can check whether your payment method is prepay or postpaid, Please follow the below introductions.


  1. Select the gear icon .
  2. Click Billing Preferences.
  3. In the Billing and Payments section, click Edit.

In there u can see your selected option. Please read this article for more information


Question 2 - Why Ad disappear ?


You can go to the ad status bubble in ads tab in your campaign and see whether u r budget us exhausted or not, Usually If your ad is not showing they will show the reason there.


Question 3 - Can I see clicks straight away ?


Its not real time data , but in most cases within 20-30 mins you can see updated click amount in campaign data. 


Hope this helps Smiley Happy