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billing and mcc

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I know that many times it was discussed, just for clarifying.


We are an adwords agency with currently 7 client accounts, some of the ecommerce and some of them business websites offering services.


We managed account separately, but would like to group it under one roof. For this reason exists MCC, am I right?


From this MCC I am able to monitor performance, ads and everything connected to adwords?


What is the best way for agency to solve billing? I do not want to pay google before we got paid from client. That is why I am looking for a best opportunity or globally how agencies take care of the billing from clients?


I would leave it on clients to add their info and all the costs would be paid from the credit cards. Is it good solution or does exist something much more appropriate.


Thank you very much for your help


very glad for this forum



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Re: billing and mcc

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Hello Mayo R,

Yes, you can create MCC account, then you will ask your clients for email adresses to their accounts. You add them to your MCC account, but they will set the level of access you gain.

Then depending on your level of access you can only see stuff or you can also modify things.

Clients will still pay for their accounts eventhough you will get access to them via MCC account, so you do not have to care about billing.

Hope this will help you.

Re: billing and mcc

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Hi Mayo,

This really depends on who pays for the AdWords accounts. If its the client thats paying, they can do so by adding their credit cards to the account and making a manual payment or use automatic payments. You can still link the client accounts to your MCC to manage them. In case you'd like to pay Google for all of your client accounts and charge them in turn, you can use Monthly Invoicing.

Monthly Invoicing is a post pay billing method where in you'll receive a monthly invoice towards charges on all of your client accounts. You'll then have to make a payment one time payment through Check or wire transfer, to clear the invoice. To use this billing method, you can contact the AdWords support team, who'll set up a line of credit. Your MCC account could go under Monthly invoicing.

The eligibility criteria for Monthly Invoicing is: Any one of your client accounts should have a monthly spend of USD 5000, for any three months (not required to be consecutive) in the last 12 months and should've been active for at least one year.

Read more about Monthly Invoicing here:

Sumanth Sridhar