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bidding strategy

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I am setting up a new account with adwords and I want to make sure that our site is one of the top ads. Is there a way to find out what other bids are going for in my area with the same search words?

Re: bidding strategy

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Hi Ajay K,
       No its not possible to find out what other advertisers are bidding on the same keyword that you are targeting.In order to show your ads on the top position you can create automated rules or you have to bid manually.Also Adwords provides various tools & data that you can use & analyze..
  • Top page bid : This metric approximates the cost-per-click (CPC) bid needed for your ad to appear regularly in the top positions above the search results. But this is just an estimate,it doesn't guarantee you that your ad will show on top position if set the suggested bid.Ad position actually depends on the Max CPC & Quality Score of your keywords.So along with your bid you also have to maintain good quality score for your keywords.
  • Automated Rules : You can use an automated rule with top of page bid estimates to raise the bids of your keywords to the recommended top of page bid, and run this rule on a daily basis.