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4.4K members online now
4.4K members online now
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being charged and my ad is not 100% approved

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ive only joined 3 days ago ... my first ads are working 50% from the 10th november ... video is under review ... i cant change to maual payments as your sign up suggsted ... so i made a R100 payment thinking i can now change to manual ... and i still cant change ... and your help is virtually non-existant ... my balance still remains at R100 and yet the stats show charges ... what is going on ?

adwords fraud

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Invoice setup Payment setting Name Billing ID Start date End date

Current billing account

Automatic payments denys geel 9746-1723-6688 Nov 7, 2012 No end date


how dare you state that end date = no end date

i clearly put december 23 in my campaign

i cancelled my account ... it say you can apply for refund ... when clicked there is absolutely NO help on how to reclaim my payment ... keep it then ! if you want it that bad ! ... an NO , i paid for manual payment and it wouldnt let me . i dont like being 'tricked' into R500 monthly payments