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adwords voucher previously redeemed

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i get this error message when i try use my adwords voucher "This promotion code has already been redeemed. Promotional codes can only be redeemed one time"  It hasn't been, not by me. I don't think any of the answers here address that situation. Why would I be getting that error code?

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September 2015

Re: adwords voucher previously redeemed

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Hello Joe ! Welcome to the Community !


If you have no recollection of using that voucher, somebody else might have used it.

The message can mean that you already applied the voucher to your account, but there is no method to verify that.


The forum cannot help you on this one , this is account specific, you can either call google at this number :


Or if you are from UK and your only account is less old than 14 days, you can generate a new code from here :