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adwords does not accept cc info as valid

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I have a client located in Venezuela who is trying to setup their billing for adwords using their locally issued visa/mc credit card. In other words, to pay using Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte versus US Dollars; however, Adwords is returning an error saying that the billing address entered for the credit card is not correct.  This is not the case.  We have verified the exact address info with their local bank and have entered it exactly the way the bank has it, even with matching case, etc. 


Any clues on how to fix this issue or who at Google can help us with this issue.  The online help available does not mentioned anything about my specific case.



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Re: adwords does not accept cc info as valid

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Hi seo-man, 


Thanks for the question.  As I am most familiar with troublehsooting billing issues in the United States, I may not be able to fully answer this question. I can give it a shot though. 


First, I'd suggest that you sign into the account and utilize the troubleshooter here in order to make sure that form of payment option is available for Venezuelan accounts (choose that country from the drop-down menu).   Next, I would suggest that you clear your cache and cookies and/or try a different browser as sometimes this issue can be browser specific. Third, I would contact the local Venezuelan support team at 0800-100-5607.  Representatives there will be more familiar with country specific issues and, in some cases, can escalate to a thrid-party billing team to try to manually add the form of payment to the account.  Finally, if all the above fails, you will need to use a different form of payment (or try again by opening a new account).  


Hope this helps!


Re: adwords does not accept cc info as valid

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Hi Jeremy,

I have changed the payment info for my client several times due to his card expiring and banks merged. Everytime I added a new form of payment it was not a problem. Google charged the payment method (Debit Card) and ads resumes immediatly.

I just recently added a NEW Payment Method (Debit Card), Google charged the balance, but now it says there is no valid for of payment.


After speaking with my client he stated that the bank put a "stop payment" on the auto-payments because they thought it was fraud.


This happenned with another company that charges him automatically and after the bank was made aware, they released the "stop-payment" and it has resumed for them.


How can I have Google Adwords re-try this payment method?
My client said if we try we should not have a problem.

Client Info:
Client ID: 330-731-9142
Your Premier Gym
Anthony Di Carlo

Thanks for your help!
Carlos Cintron

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Re: adwords does not accept cc info as valid

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Google Employee

Hi Carlos, 


You (or the end client) will need to login to the account and "Re-enable the Form of Payment (FOP)." Step-by-steps instructions on editing your payment method can be found here.  By re-enabling the FOP on file, or entering a new FOP, this will trigger an automatic charge to be initiated.  


Hope this helps!


Best Regards,