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adwords budget

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If I put a budget of £50 spent over a period of 7 days, will I only have to pay £50 or is there more to it?


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September 2015

Re: adwords budget

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HI benhoodmusic


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


AdWords allows control of budget with ease, as you can set a daily budget amount for each of your campaigns and that amount will not be exceeded. For example, say that you have one campaign, and you have decided to set a daily budget of £10 for that campaign. If you credited the account with £70, and each day the campaign occrued enough clicks to use all of the budget per day, at the end of the week the budget would be exhausted. I'm including a couple of articles for further reading-


Daily budget

Set a daily budget for your campaign

Using manual payments


There can be occasions where all of your daily budget may not be used, and in this case sometimes AdWords system will allow up to 20% over delivery on budget, but it will never exceed this and you will never be charged more than the budget that you have set over the 30 day period.


"If your budget is US$10 per day throughout an entire month, the maximum you'd be charged is US$304 (US$10 daily budget x 30.4 average days per month) in that billing cycle."


Here is an article about this-


Why costs might exceed your daily budget


I hope this helps


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