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adwords account suspended coz billing info can not be verified

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I recently started using Google adwords platform. I was just learning and trying to understand the adwords interface. I created a few test campaign yesterday to test the traffic. However, after the approval process my campaign went live and today in the morning I found that I've spent around $30 USD. I was pretty happy with the traffic quality and thats why, I increased my budget and cleared my outstanding balance of $30 right that time. Two hours later, when I logged back in to my adwords account, I found that a notification is appearing in red box mentioning that my adwords account is suspended because my billing information can not be verified. I'm surprised to see that coz I've successfully paid my outstanding balance and that was my first time since, my adwords account is new. I've contacted my bank and there is no issue at all. They are saying my payment has been processed successfully. I'm the owner of my credit card and I know nothing has gone wrong from my side then why did google suspended account due to billing information can not be verified ?


I request the Google support team to look into this and resolve my issue and as I'm learning the Google adwords as much as I can and there is no violation of any terms coz I'm just promoting my android app which is in clear guidelines of Google play.



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Re: adwords account suspended coz billing info can not be verified

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Hi Rubina,

Your best bet is to contact AdWords support directly. (Contact AdWords link top right of page here) We cannot access or help with any billing issues here.

Good Luck!

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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