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add accidently set to live

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Long story short 

Uploaded a campaign in 2014 for a show on 1st May 2014 which was just me practising using the platform , never added a live payment method or to my knowledge set the add to run 

Last week I added a campaign that I did want to run m so updated my billing information and then duly received a notification to say the ad was declined due to a url issue 

What I didn't know was that somewhere in that setting process last week , the practise add from 2014 ( with no relevance to anything as a year out of date ) started running ! ! ! 

I know have a bill for nearly £600.00 for something of no value and that i dint even realise was running ! 

As a small business this a very costly mistake , and apparently the adwords team can do nothing to help me as its my fault  . . . shame on me , and shame on the future lifetime revenues that this lack of goodwill will cost them , i know its of little consequence to them but a little understanding from a corporation would have gone a long way , it was clearly my first ad ,the ad clearly is out of date , and clearly any subsequent clicks , views etc were of no use to consumer or myself  . . . is there no corporate compassion or understanding left in the world ? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated ? 


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Re: add accidently set to live

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Hi Mark
I understand your frustration but unfortunately, nothing can be done in this instance.
The agreement is that AdWords provides clicks that you request. It's really not their fault that you didn't use it correctly and in fairness, while I understand that this may be clearly a mistake, it sets a bad precedent.

Imagine if all advertisers said that their spend was only a "practise spend" and that they didn't mean to do it. Imagine if you went to a bar, ordered a drink, drank it and then told the bartender that you didn't mean to drink it and that you weren't sure how the whole ordering a drink process worked? I'm not trying to be facetious but AdWords isn't unique in this respect. Most businesses are like this. They provided what they said they would provide.

Again, I really do feel your pain here but I think it's best to chalk it up to experience and move on. It's an expensive mistake yes, but Google is not responsible for that. They charged you for what they delivered.