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account suspension

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we have contacted  you and explained  and shown statement of visa account that our account was charged twice on one day and asked your billing to look in to this matter and provided the bank information and still after one week our account is closed 


please explain what other proof you need from us 

our bank for security reasons does not email or fax letter '


please explain what other proof you need to show that you have charged us twice on one day 

jan 20 2014

we nee d to know if you are able to help us 

please email us 


mojan bagha

Re: account suspension

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Hi Mojan


This is a community for users to seek general guidance and assistance with their accounts, however, when it comes to suspensions of billing issues, you would be best contacting Google directly by phone or email to discuss this. 


Sensitive account details, especially when regarding finances are very unlikely to be discussed openly.


Contact Google Adwords -


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

If you find this or another response helpful within the forum "please accept as solution" to further assist and direct others.




Re: account suspension

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our account has been activated
the problem was from Google

I hope to see the ads working again