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account suspended

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i have a technical support business and i am following all the policies mentioned by Google, my account have been suspended before, this time i started fresh from the scratch and its completely new account with everything used for the first time , Kindly help me again my account got suspended and this time its not because of any policy violation but its because of the BILLING ISSUE the message i am getting on the Google screen that says "We have found some unauthorized suspicious activity in your billing, and for your safty your account has been suspended" I would like to tell you that when i created this account i tried to use credit cards but none of the cards were getting accepted by the Google or my financial institution, at the end i added the net banking facility and i was accepted by Google, and the i got the suspension email which i mentioned above. Please guys if anyone can help me i would really appreciate the its the matter of my life. 

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Re: account suspended

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the suspicious activity could be tied to creating a new account.

generally, any original violation, for the original website,
or in the original account, must be fixed; abandoning a
site or an account will usually not help at all, and usually
is not considered a fix.

importantly, tech-support is a sensitive issue -- a search
on the community forum for "tech support suspension"
will uncover many discussions on the topic.

if a suspension is tied to a person then, no amount of changing accounts
will effect the suspension status; that is, new accounts cannot be created
and any new accounts created will eventually be suspended.

otherwise, a specialist may be contacted here:

see also

Re: account suspended

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As @Celebird mentioned - "tech support" is a sensitive issue. Though you received a "billing issue notification", I suspect that the issue is not with the billing, but rather with the business model ("tech support").

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