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account suspended

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My account is suspended.

I have an outstanding balance.

How can i pay for the outstanding charges to achieve a zero balance?


Also, I like adwords and would like to participate.  How can i resolve the problem issue with the account so i can continue to use adwords.  Whatever i need to do, i will do, but i need to know what the problem is.  Please tell me.  The company i had running my adword campaign mishandled my credit card, which frightened me, and then they changed ownership and i lost contact with them.  This may be the problem, i don't know, but because i cannot talk to a human being at google about this, the issue remains unresolved and i am not allowed to fairly compete.

Re: account suspended

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for your query.

To pay the outstanding balance you can log into your AdWords account and make a payment from your credit card to clear the outstanding balance. You can learn more about making a payment by clicking on the following link.

Also I am sorry to hear that your AdWords account is suspended. I would recommend you to try contacting the support team either through phone, chat or email.