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account suspended for billing isues

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Can any one help me with this, my account has been suspended for billing issues and this is the message I got;


Thank you for writing in. While reviewing your account, our specialists identified suspicious behaviour in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorised activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts.

For information on the terms associated with AdWords account use, please review our Terms and Conditions at

If you believe that you meet all of our Terms and Conditions and would like to appeal the suspension of your account, please fill in the following form:

We appreciate your co-operation.
I have used my own debit cards to pay for my advertising and I have been up-to-date with all my payments. I have even put three debit cards in my billing profile all with correct billing address and information.
Any guideance would be much appreciated on how to contact Adwords to find out what the issue is and what I can do to get my account back up and running again.



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Re: account suspended for billing isues

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Hi Parvis P,


Please go through the following link & fill up the form. Adwords expert will review your account

Re: account suspended for billing isues

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Hi Shuva,

Thank you appreciate your reply.

I submitted my appeal last Sunday but not have heard from Google yet, any idea how long it may take for them to review the appeal?



Re: account suspended for billing isues

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After posting this message earlier today i got a call from someone by the name of Aishah who I believe was from India. She introduced herself as a adwords support representative and asked me by directing me ot the account access setting to give her "user interface API". The email address she used was a email address.

She looked in to my case and said she will pass my case to her manager and after a few minutes she returned saying that she will have to pass my case to a support expert in Singapore and after reviewing may billing issue will get back to me within the next few days.

I just removed the API access as I felt suspicious, why would Google ask me for API when they have direct access to my account and there is no need for them to have API user interface.

Has anyone else experienced this? was she really from Google or am I seeing more into this and worrying for no reason?