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account suspended due to billing not verified. please help me.

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Hi everyone,


I am new to adwords and would like to advertise my company, but before advertising I have some questions to get clarify and then to get started.


My neighbour has an electronic store in India and Canada and he wanted to advertise in adwords but he needed my help as he is old. Last week he came to me and asked for help to advertise and I created an account for him from my Laptop. The same day due to some issue with his payment the process of account creation was lead to suspension as error 'suspicious behavior in the payment activity'.


1) I would like to know why was this error for?

2) If I need to advertise, will my account also will be suspended due to same IP Address and MAC Address?

3) What is the solution if I need to advertise?

4) Will he be able to create an new account?

5) Is his Domain name and Phone number is blacklisted in Adwords?


My neighbour questions me everyday what is happening with his account. 


Let me inform you certain things here.

1) He wanted currency as to be in US as his targeted location was USA

2) He wanted his billing information to be of Canada as he is also owns a store in Canada. But his card is of India.


After suspension he received and email that it has been suspended.


Could any one help me out and my neighbour. 


Thanking you.





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Re: account suspended due to billing not verified. please help me.

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Hello there;
Please fill in this form;
A specialist will review the case;

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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