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account suspended because your billing information

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Dears, i need urgent help.


I have opened Adwords account recently. After successful several days, account was suspended and was under review. (of course I had no idea about this as there was no any notification) and i thought that I just did something wrong with the campaign, after several trys, I have set up new adverts account and tried once again, but again it was not working.And I have deleted second account. After mailing google they said that my account is under review and there will be answer during upcoming 3 business days. After 3 days, i got my account back working. Smiley Happy But my happiness lasted very soon, the next day my account was suspended for billing issue, of course I have sent google team my bank balance and etc, information from my bank. again they asked me to wait, no any answer, I can use online chat, and when i call support team they just say the same as automatic emails from google. Any advice?


Is there any way to understand what is happening, and which steps should i take?




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Re: account suspended because your billing information

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Hi ,

If you can use live chat i think it will be the best way to ask them. Also did u recheck billing information you provided? If you are confident that whatever the problem is fixed with the billing you can request for an appeal here.