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Your ads aren't running because your account balance is exhausted. - Please make a payment. Fix it

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I just noticed this message began appearing at the top of my adwords campaign page.  I checked my balance and I have over $50 (which would last me months at the rate I have been going).  In doing a search online I see this seems to be a recurring problem with Adwords. 


I don't know how long this has been going on since I haven't checked my Adwords in a couple weeks, but in looking over the numbers  there was no corresponding drop in impressions until I contacted Google about the problem yesterday.  Now I'm getting zero impressions since bringing it to their attention.  That was certainly helpful....


I have to say I have been very UNIMPRESSED with Adwords.  After spending days learning how to set up campaigns and then running my ads for a few months I have seen ZERO conversions as a result.  Even though it didn't lead to immediate sales I thought perhaps I'd run ads now and again as a way to get some added exposure for my website but this experience is not making want to ever bother with adwords again.  There are so many other ways to get exposure.  Why do I need this frustration?

Re: Your ads aren't running because your account balance is exhausted. - Please make a payment. Fix

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Hey Eric,

It is tough at first but Google is certainly a great place to advertise. I'm not sure why your activity would stop after contacting Google, that is odd. It is definitely worth the frustration, as you put it, especially if you are looking for exposure, the display network is a great place for that as you get tons of impressions and Costs per click well under a dollar, depending on your industry.

I would suggest getting back in touch with a Google rep, a lot of times the first person you speak to isnt super knowledgeable or able to help in the way that you want. They have excellent customer service and i'm sure they will try very hard to get your issue resolved, as it is bad for business to be losing customers.

Anywho i hope this helps a little bit, have a good one