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Your account isn't active - enter your billing information.

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Hey AdWords Community!

Just wanted to share some information about an error message that you may seen in your account:-


Your account isn't active - to activate your account and start running your ads, enter your billing information.


If you have set up your first AdWords campaign and already entered your billing information, yet you continue to see this red alert- this article will let you know why this is happening and what you could do about it.


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What is “billing information”?


Since AdWords is a paid service, you will need to enter your form of payment (either a credit/debit card, BPay etc-). The accepted forms of payment vary by country and you can find out which options are available to you here.


Next, follow the steps given here and enter all your billing details.


So.. you’ve already entered your billing information- why is the error still appearing?


After the information has been entered, it can take anywhere from 24- 48h for our system to update your billing info. In the meanwhile, it can still show you the red alert.


If you’ve already successfully submitted your billing details, just ignore the alert and it will go away in 24- 48h. If it’s been longer than 72 hours and you are still seeing this messaging, please get in touch with the AdWords Team.


I hope this helps, and let us know via a reply comment if you have any more questions.


- Zahraa

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Re: Your account isn't active - enter your billing information.

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Thanks for sharing Zahraa!