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YouTube Spam - But Adwords says it's not spam

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Anyone else experiencing this? How did you get this resolved with Google?


We received an unusual spike in our display ads placed on in the past 45 days. They were "converting" so we figured it was fine to allow it to continue to spend, despite it being an extraordinary amount of the budget. The client came to us recently and told us they were getting hundreds of spammy contact forms filled out. They didn't realize it was coming from digital advertising, but I started tracking it down and found it was.


We had 682 clicks from placements in one month, and then looking at the invalid clicks column, we had an additional 2,784 invalid clicks. So they removed a lot of invalid clicks, but then we looked at Youtube placements and about 99% of the videos were like these:


In addition, we found that about 50% of the forms filled out were coming from about 6 different approximate IP addresses - which register as corporate IPs.


I talked to Google and the Google rep wanted to tell me that videos like this aren't spam and were quality placement clicks:


If this was an occasional thing, and it wasn't combined with the fact that the IPs were all approximately the same, AND we were getting tons of spammy conversions, I'd say no big deal to occasionally get a click here or there from these types of placements. But to spend hundreds of dollars on this and Google to tell me that none of that is click fraud?


Really would love to get that resolved. But the Google rep tells me I'm wrong - it's not click fraud.


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YouTube Spam - But Adwords says it's not spam

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@jenni k;

By "spammy" do you mean irrelevant traffic? Or a bot spam?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: YouTube Spam - But Adwords says it's not spam

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I’d say spam bot. Although it’s possible that they’ve hired people to click on the ads for ad revenue.

I don’t think I’d say irrelevant traffic since they are also filling out the forms with nonsense. I’m assuming they are doing that as a way to skew CPA bidding in their favor.