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Will Google refund my money at all? or not?

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I cannot get my refund for more than 1 month already
Is this normal?
At first, Google's staff lost my refund form
Then they said to wait 10-14 days more
Then they say now that there was some technical error on my account
and that's why they have to resubmit the refund request and I need to wait again 10-14 days
I'm sorry but I've an impression that such delays are done by Google intentionally
Or maybe Google won't refund at all and they just have different excuses for it?
Before I thought of Google as of something SUPER iron-clad reliable
but after this not any more
Hopefully I'll get my refund ASAP
and I truly hope, I won't be told to wait again and again and again

Re: Will Google refund my money at all? or not?

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Community Manager
Hi N R,

I'm requesting a support specialist to look into your account and figure out the current status. You should hear an update soon.

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September 2015

Re: Will Google refund my money at all? or not?

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Google at last has refunded my money! Hooray!

I'm really thankful to everyone who helped me in this

I'm happy & I see that Google doesn't cheat or steal money!

I again think of Google as of something reliable


So, again I'm happy

& thanks to everyone who helped me

The only thing that disappoints me is that

money was refunded only after all these argues & nerves

However, again thank you & wish you all the best!