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Why would AdWords suspend my account immediately after un-suspending it?

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My AdWords account was suspended back in October of 2012. After a month of complaining on blogs and emailing customer service everyone at my company was getting nowhere. And magically AdWords un-suspended my account out of the blue. No one contacting via email or the phone. I did not notice until I my banking account was paying out for the ads. I checked out my AdWords account suspension was lifted without a call or email. It ran for 2-3 weeks and all of sudden it was suspended again. The worst of all this that I cannot get straight answer from anyone with a brain. My address information and bank account information have always been correct. Also my bank account records are proof of this in October, November, and now in December. Suspending my account over billing account verification issues only to re-open my account and charging the same account does not make any sense to anyone. Please help me resolve this on going issue that never seems to get resolved.

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How do you resolve a billing verification issue that is not accurate?

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My account was suspended incorrectly for the second time in two months...due to completely incorrect statements.

My AdWords account says my billing information is incorrect... but my bank account was charged $350 in fees from my Ads that were running.These two things do not make any sense. How can you charge my card to begin with?

How can it truly be a billing address issue? To make things even crazier... my billing information has been the same for the last 15 years and customer service at AdWords just cleared this up two weeks ago by un-suspending my account!

Why are they starting this all over again? I have used AdWords in prior years and think the service has gone downhill.

I have gone over all possible solutions and I know I meet the qualifications according to your policies posted. This makes zero sense since all my informaton and my ads have been the same since my account was approved...suspended...un-suspended...suspended again.

Re: Why would AdWords suspend my account immediately after un-suspending it?

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Hi linger2u, you have already raised this issue here on the forum and received detailed replies.  It seems fairly clear to me that your current suspension is more than likely for breaching the double-serving policy rather than (or in addition to) any billing concerns.


On your last visit here my colleague Moshe, escalated your account to seek a review and there is nothing more that can be done now.


It doesn't help that you're trying to mislead us here:


You say that "My address information and bank account information have always been correct." whereas in one of your previous posts you said "I was in my google account several times per day and I noticed immediately that I had a warning that I needed to update my billing informaton. I immediately updated my payment information.".  So, at some point your billing information was incorrect.


You have also failed to mention here that you had opened muliple accounts.




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