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Why is promotional credit updated on my account

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I was informed by google support - Mr. Rohit Dhawan, i was eligible for promotional credit.

Now after well over 24 hours i have not yet received the promotinal credit.


And is it true about client managers who are given access to account log in and manipulate ad clicks by arbitrarily clicking on ads in the list under the ads tab and thus cost us money? without ads being actually run on the google network. Thats just criminal.....

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September 2015

Re: invalid clicks

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Hello sa30;

As for your first question: Are you sure you got the call from Google? Google (as internet leader), usually sends emails... Smiley Wink Anyway, it takes a few days to process a request for a credit

As for your second question : Why to login into your account to click on your ad ? If someone would like to do that, it can be done from the search results page . However, Google has advanced tools that track manipulation / fraudulent / invalid clicks. If those found, you are refunded in full.


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