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Why is my billing amount more than my Total Cost?

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I only have one campaign running at the moment and the Total Cost of the campaign is less than the amount I've been billed.


If Total Cost is indeed the Total Cost shouldn't the amount I've been billed equate to the total cost? In my case the billing amount is approx twice the amount of the total cost.





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Re: Why is my billing amount more than my Total Cost?

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Hi Kelvin, the AdWords billing cycle does not necessarily match the date range you've chosen for a specific Campaign, rather you are billed on a 30-day cycle or whenever certain thresholds are met.  So, for example, if you had a Daily Budget of $10 you would only spend about $300 a month, but a long-term AdWords Account will bill every 30 days, or whenever your Account reaches $500, so you might find in the middle of a month you're charged approximately $500, which are the charges for more than a single month.


If you can share some more precise details of your issue, we may be able to give you some more detailed advice.  Your Billng tab will also show you a breakdown of click costs, and when you were charged and when you paid.


More about the Billing Cycle.



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