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Why is an account suspension refund in the US taking SO MUCH TIME?

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I've had the very frustrating experience of having a client's Adwords account being suspended due to a violation we have tried to identify but is unknown to us. Now, not only we lost the client, but he hasn't gotten his account cancelation refund and its been MORE THAN A MONTH and nothing has happened. My client has even gone to a physical address but all he gets is that they cannot provide details, and that he cannot talk to anyone in account suspension, like if he is some sort of criminal or something.


Well, if we did something wrong with the configuration or whatever, its fine, if you don't want my client to use the Adwords service, its fine, but, will you please turn back the money? In the Adwords help website says: "Processing time: 2 weeks for Google to process, and additional time for your credit card company to process." and he is in the US, in the Bay Area, and I repeat, its been MORE THAN A MONTH with NOTHING.


He has called, sent emails, no news on the refund. Is there anyone who has experienced this awful process and has any ideas on how we can get the refund after already cancelling the account long ago?



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Re: Why is an account suspension refund in the US taking SO MUCH TIME?

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Community Manager
Hi Vladimir,
This does not sound like an ideal situation. Im going to send you an email to get specific details of this issue and try and track down a resolution for you.