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Why didn't I get the $100 free ads after I gave the promo # & spent 30

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I took an ad with you with the promise and understanding that I was getting $100 free advertising if I spend $25 so I started the ball rolling with William Meyer and gave him the code from the coupon - later I was told by Nelson Sparks I had to spend $30 (bait & switch) for the $100 to kick in, so I did  - 8 clicks cost $29.22, more than the required $25 and yet the $100 is not there, I wanted the ads to run during the holiday weekend, today is the holiday and no $100 credit - fix it right away or refund my $30 as the only reason I tried this was the $100 incentive, If you do not fix it right away you will never have my business again and as a web designer I will be sure to let everyone I deal with know how you cheated me.

Re: Why didn't I get the $100 free ads after I gave the promo # &

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Hello Gregory ! Welcome to the Community !


If I take a look at the conditions for the vouchers in the UK for example :



  • The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered."

And I picked this up from your story , thinking it could be a reason : "and gave him the code from the coupon"


Also from this article



I've read that you get the promo credit after 5 business days :


"Hence, if you accrue clicks worth the complete $25 on Oct 20, the promotional credit amount of $100 will appear on the AdWords account within 5 business days."