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Why cant google stop my ads when they are at my budget limit.

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Why cant google stop my ads when they are at my budget limit.
I have a small budget of $60.00 per day and I often find my budget has been broken by $10.00 or close to.
I understand that this means my ad is working well but if I ask Google to turn my ads off at my budget limt why cant this ever happen, is it that hard to manage on Google end and stop un wanted clicks over my budget from happening.
another thing is I find I get spammed called from companies claiming to be Google certified partners wanting me to spend thousands more to sign up with them guaranteeing top placement of my ads, how can I know if they are the ones pushing the limits of my budget by clicking on my ads. these are really anwanted clicks and calls.
is there a legal case in any of these events mention above for me to study so I can see how I can manage my ads better.
I already spend $10.000(approx.) plus a year on adwords and over budget and call center clicks make me feel I am spending my hard earned money wrong.

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Re: Why cant google stop my ads when they are at my budget limit.

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Hi Paul,

On a day to day basis Google will overspend by up to 20% - so on a $60 budget you can expect the spend to go up to a max of $72.... but - they will adjust towards the end of the month so that your monthly spend does not exceed 30.4 times your daily budget so in your case you should not be spending more than $1824

If, however, you are concerned about the daily budget - you could reduce the limits, but this would impact on the total monthly spend by the same reduction.


As for the spammy clicks - Google does a pretty good job of identifying these and will reimburse you for invalid clicks... a lot of people do ask if Google themsleves inflate clicks, but a little thought on this concludes that this would be a flawed business model - Google definitely wants long term happy advertisiers rather than short term annoyed ones!