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Why can't I see the ip list that Google has charged for?

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Every day I go into my hosting and see the ip addresses that have laded on my site, I look for clicks that hit a landing page that has been setup to see who comes from adword and from what device type. I have been blocking all ip addresses that I find, because our service is one you would only use once every 6 months, so repeat clicks every day or multiple clicks in a day is clearly invalid, I'm not a rocket sic entice but I can clearly work out that repeat clicking is not normal, and people clicking to call and not making the call , or calling for less the 15 sec and hanging up is also not a valid click. So my question is this... If Im paying for clicks and Google believes they are valid, why can they not provide me a receipt for the clicks that I was chagred for, every shop provides you a receipt, why can't they ? Is this because we then can compare the ip addresses against the ones that landed on our site? if we had this information it would be easy to say that two clicks from the same ip address every day are invalid, even if google flames they are valid. "If I was running a funeral home, would 2 clicks a day from the same ip address be considered valid?" the answer is yes in Google eyes "even if you can clearly see that no person would normally call a funeral home every day" and I have paid and paid waiting for the google filter to kick in, but sadly it never dose and the clicks they do filter dose not stop me from getting ripped off every day.

So why can I not have a receipt of ip addresses that I was charged for ? I see 9 clicks from a mobiles yesterday, one ip address clicked 5 times, that ip address has been blocked days before, but still I see 11 clicks charged, and I can see 3 connected calls. This is 3 out of 11. If I pay $20 per click, the real cost is close to $120 for one genuine call or customer, and the rest if invalid clicking.

Its crazy that the user must become a computer genius to operate a google adword account to prevent getting ripped off.  If I was provided a receipt of ip addresses that I was charged for I then could compare it to the hits on my stite to see the google filter is working. Because from the hits on my site it looks like they are not stopping all the clicks from the blocked yup addresses, and charging for mutable clicks from the same ip address. This could be because it comes from mobile, it seems mobile traffic is the worst for invalid clicks, 

I have asked google to give me an account manager, someone who I can continue to talk with each week to get the most out of my adword, and also to help me improve my score and return, sadly they have not provided this service to me. I have turned my ads off as they are no longer a good investment with 3/4 of the traffic fake or invalid. In the past 5 days my bill goes above $1000 and thats just the last week, without better filters and more help and information from google its impossible for the service to be taken seriously. I know for a fact that my competitors have staff that click on my ads all day, its cheaper then lifting their bids, and its more cost effective,and I still get charged "some how" now what dose that say about the system ?


I have attached an example of 12 clicks at the cost of $278 with only one person converting, to convert they must click the call button and connect. As you see only 1 person did this, the other 11 clicked - with not intent of connecting, this is only mobile ads, you can not access the website from this ad, once clicked you will see a pop up "call **** Yes" or No"" and 11 people pushed no, and one real person clicked yes and they became a conversion. Google said its because my site is not attractive enough, when you click on a click to call button their is nothing to improve, If they were landing on my page I would understand, but they click to call and don't convert ? and I see the same ip address every day, and I have blocked them all, so many that now I'm losing real customs that use that same ip address from the ip address pool from that provider.. 


What can I do to use this service and not get ripped off every day ? example adword clicks.jpeg

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Re: Why can't I see the ip list that Google has charged for?

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Hi Nathan,

Google policy towards any disclosure of IP addresses is strict: they just cannot be shown due to security issues, and personally I don't think it's going to be changed any time.


One of possible solutions to your concerns would be using RLSA type of ads and remarketing in this case would be used vice-versa than we're used to: you can exclude those who have already been to your website and show ads to those who haven't.  I guess this would help, no? Smiley Happy


As for conversions, the only way to manage this is keep optimizing your campaigns. Keep up the good work!


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Why can't I see the ip list that Google has charged for?

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The notion that this is a security is a lot of BS.  an IP address does not provide you with a direct address to anyone.  Since I can collect the IPs as they come in  via a chat service and other services Google can't possibly hide behind the idea that it would be a breach of security.   This is a silly reply other than the fact that "Google is unlikely to change this policy". This I know from having had these discussions about rip off clicks. 

Why can't I see the ip list that Google has charged for?

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